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NetSpan Corporation provides a wide range of telecommunications, networking products and services for business, government, and educational. The company features an in-depth knowledge of networking technology, combined with hands-on experience in network installation and maintenance. The result is that NetSpan is capable of deploying, adapting and delivering easy-to-use solutions for complex networking issues.

As a provider of networking equipment and software, NetSpan carefully researches and tests the products it recommends, then implements solutions with a minimum of disruption to the client's network. If requested, the company can also train the client's personnel in the use of networking products. NetSpan has successfully provided solutions in many networking areas, including:

• Internet connectivity

• Internet firewalls and content and virus filters

• Network servers

• Remote office internetworking

• Distance learning

• Videoconferencing

• Telecommunications

• Integration of voice, data and video communications




Trademarks: NetSpan, the NetSpan logo and Multirouter are registered trademarks of NetSpan Corporation. MultiStar, Route Manager and Your Route to Internetwork Communications are trademarks of NetSpan Corporation.                                                                             

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